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    My specs first, to get this out of the way:
    iPhone 3G
    2.0.1 5B108
    OS X 10.5.4
    iTunes 7.7.1

    So I just jailbroke my iPhone last night for the first time, which went very well. The first thing I installed was mobileterminal, which was the main application I wanted. The next thing I installed was the Retro Dialer, which just happened to catch my eye and I thought looked interesting.

    After installing through Cydia (from this website's repository) I noticed first that only the bottom row of keys had the correct skin. I also noticed that voicemail button is completely dead now. This morning the skin was complete for some reason, but still no voicemail. I have tried reinstalling, uninstalling and reinstalling, and rebooting my phone several times in different orders, but to no avail. And the latest backup I have in iTunes is from last night after I installed the retro dialer.

    If nothing else I suppose I can go to DFU and load the firmware fresh, but I'm just wondering if there is an easy fix for this?


    UPDATE: Okay, so I have packed a new firmware on a different computer, using a version of pwnage tool that was updated through sparkle, and gone back into DFU mode, and repwned my phone using the new firmware. Unfortunately, the voicemail is still totally kaput, so now I'm starting to think it's just a general side effect of pwning in general. Is there ANYONE else with this problem, because I have tried searching and honestly feel like I'm the only one that has ever encountered this!! >_<
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