1. opusandbill's Avatar
    I am making myself a new keyboard for my 2.0 phone. I am having a couple of issues.

    when I go to type in a web site address, all the keys are good both in Portrait & Landscape.

    te only problems is I am not sure how to change the word "GO"

    But when I go into other apps the search bar will not change, and I have the same problem with the words search & return.

    any suggestions?
    2008-08-09 08:08 PM
  2. armadillo's Avatar
    You cannot change that. The reason is that Apple generates a number of key labels on the fly (also depending on the language). So unless Winterboard will allow us to change the text color and/or font for the keyboard labels, you will have to stick to Helvetica (or live with the awkward appearance). Maybe saurik will help (hint-hint, nudge-nudge).
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    2008-08-09 09:10 PM