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    Hey guys,

    i need some help

    Do you know, where the information is held, whether the icon has this shiny glossy rounded white upper semi-transparent half?
    Because if I wanna change an icon I bought in the AppStore and the icon of this app has this white "upper half", it happens that the new icon still has this upper half on top of it.
    This sucks, because i've replaced the icon (which doesn't look good for me) with the super looking icon of FileMagnet (which won't work for me, because i'm a Windows user. Nevertheless i got this bad looking white thing on top of the icon, because the original icon used to have it.

    I hope that anyone of u can help me

    Thank you in advance,
    2008-08-10 12:06 AM
  2. thegameseeder's Avatar
    2008-08-12 01:37 AM