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    Had found a wallpaper via wallpaper app that I really like but had to restore/re-unlock/re-jailbreak my iphone and didn't know how to SSH things at the time, so I couldn't save it. Been looking everywhere, zedge, here in the wallpaper section, can't seem to find it. If anyone has it or finds it, let me know greatly appreciated.

    Description: abstract look with a drawn lady with a few numbers surrounding her (believe the numbers were, 5,7,2,3). The colors of the wallpaper were shades of grey, teal/aqua/turquoise(which ever you prefer) and a light shade red/burgundy/maroon.

    Looked similar to this but with more color and different character and design.
    Zedge | Download Classics wallpapers to your cell phone - abstract gray

    Appreciate it thanks
    2008-08-14 06:31 PM