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    I have used Installer 3.0 to install themes such as Doodle and Pinkameter. They have been installed, but there are no icons appearing on the home screen. How do i activate the theme?
    Your help is highly appreciated.
    2008-02-04 01:46 PM
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    If you can SSH to the iphone, you need to move the theme from

    best way is to copy to desktop, and open correct folder and copy and paste.

    I think BigBoss is comming up with a Symlink to re-direct?
    1.1.3(DT) UK Vodafone
    102(w36)->111->112->113 (NT)
    All systems working
    2008-02-04 01:58 PM
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    Wowwww, thank you for your detailed help, but what is SSH and how can i connect my iPhone to PC?
    Note that my iPhone is the unlocked version. I am living in the Middle East, and do not want to mess with it and risk it getting locked again.
    2008-02-04 02:21 PM
  4. BodumX's Avatar
    Download WinSCP here
    and install, i'm assuming your phone already has SSH on it, try connecting from the PC first, if nothing happens after 1 min, then install OpenSSH from installer.

    You will need the WiFi address of the phone, on the phone goto, settings>WiFi>then press arrow on your network, then write down your IP address (192.168.xxx.xxx) then press home buttom to go back to springboard.

    In WinSCP, in the home name type your IP addess
    user name is "root"
    password is "alpine"
    change file protocol to SCP
    then login, this will take 45 sec on 1st connect

    once you hace a connection between PC and Iphone navigate to the directories you want on the right hand folder (Iphone) and copy and paste the files you want.

    NOTE - do not delete any folders / files on your phone - you can cause all sorts of problems.

    Much easier way, not tried by me but apparently works.

    Installer->Install->Sources->BigBoss Beta Source

    then install->tweaks113->SMB themes fix
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    1.1.3(DT) UK Vodafone
    102(w36)->111->112->113 (NT)
    All systems working
    2008-02-04 04:49 PM