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  1. Nettwerk's Avatar
    A8stract NTW v.2.0 Theme...
    Sorry all for wrong package before. I add correct package now:
    Package name: A8stract
    Best regards Nettwerk

    Attached Thumbnails A8stract NTW v.2.0 Theme...-ntwa8v1.png   A8stract NTW v.2.0 Theme...-ntwa8v2.png   A8stract NTW v.2.0 Theme...-ntwa8v3.png  
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    2008-08-17 08:17 PM
  2. nirav464's Avatar
    nice but I'll stick with the original stock icons. (And also still not jail broken on my 3G lol)
    2008-08-17 08:20 PM
  3. Nettwerk's Avatar
    I don't like stock icons... :/
    So tell me what is different between jailbroken and not jailbroken iPhone...
    For me Jailbroken phone is really better then not jailbroken...
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    2008-08-17 08:32 PM
  4. luiz's Avatar
    2008-08-17 08:53 PM
  5. Nettwerk's Avatar
    Thank you luiz.
    2008-08-17 09:53 PM
  6. zaydaboss's Avatar
    can i get a icon for simplify media, NES, and swap tunes please
    2008-08-17 10:59 PM
  7. Nettwerk's Avatar
    Simplify Media, NES icons
    Attached Images A8stract NTW v.2.0 Theme...-simplify.png A8stract NTW v.2.0 Theme...-nes.png 
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    2008-08-17 11:05 PM
  8. Bleh5's Avatar
    Hi, it seems like the zip file doesn't include all the icons in the preview pictures?
    2008-08-18 03:21 AM
  9. Nettwerk's Avatar
    Sorry. Now is correct package. Look above.

    NES icon is changed.
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    2008-08-18 04:33 AM
  10. 2sl0w's Avatar
    this theme rocks! looks good with chromium file set.
    3G, 8GB, X THEME Blue
    4G, 16GB, Z|ui
    2008-08-19 03:34 AM
  11. 892073003's Avatar
    would it be possible to get a template or can we just request icons here?

    well i have alot of icon requests so i will just post them here

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    2008-08-20 03:11 AM
  12. 24trepid's Avatar
    Looks awesome on my phone.
    2008-08-20 07:01 AM
  13. justinrp's Avatar
    would it be possible to get a template or can we just request icons here?
    Here's the template. Hopefully this will create more excitement for this awesome template. Only thing it's currently lacking is icons.
    Attached Images
    If I've helped don't forget to show some Thankfulness!!

    2008-08-22 07:23 PM
  14. darwina's Avatar
    It's very nice. Well done
    2008-08-23 05:00 AM
  15. Mr. Opportunist's Avatar
    Any chance of a facebook icon?
    2008-09-01 07:44 PM
  16. Yagermeister333's Avatar
    Great work on the theme! Thanks for releasing the template, too. I made some icons for missing applications on my own phone. They're not up to Nettwerk's standards, but I'll post them up in case anyone else wants to use them:


    Movies App (from Appstore)

    Wikipanion (or Wikipedia webclip)

    WebSearch (from Cydia)

    Pandora (from AppStore)

    Brightkite webclip




    Sportacular (from AppStore)

    You may need to rename these to make them work. If there's a "-1" at the end, take that out (my fault. Photobucket laziness.)

    2008-09-02 06:38 PM
  17. misskalunji's Avatar
    Very nice thanks!
    2008-09-03 08:00 PM
  18. alias_neo's Avatar
    Why are there so many of these icons still missing even now, a month later from the package that's aailable on Cydia? It has 61 icons when this here has 113?

    Can somebody update the Cydia A8stract NTW for Winterboard to include all of these?
    iPhone 2G 2.2 8GB - VodaUK
    |OSX86 10.5.6|Win 7|Win XP|Win Vista Ult|
    2008-09-10 01:44 AM
  19. Cozzy1984's Avatar
    Its pretty easy to make your own alias. I've made loads for the apps and webpage shortcuts i have on my iphone 3G.
    2008-09-11 01:55 PM
  20. alias_neo's Avatar
    yeh, I'm aware how easy it is to make them, i'm just wondering why there are over 100 in existence in the package attached to this thread but they arent included in the Cydia package.
    iPhone 2G 2.2 8GB - VodaUK
    |OSX86 10.5.6|Win 7|Win XP|Win Vista Ult|
    2008-09-11 03:46 PM
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