1. sirganon's Avatar
    first off, winterboard is pretty amazing. i dont think ill go back to customize unless something amazing happens with it. the only reason i use customize is to download files so i can add them to winterboard.

    anywho, i was wondering if its possible to change system sounds with winterboard. ive been searching all over and i havent been able to find any definite answer to this question. in one thread i saw someone said the system sounds would probably go in the UISounds folder (as images go in the UIImages folder) but that was never proven so i have no idea how to set that up if its possible.

    the second thing im wondering is what files i need to modify to add my own carrier icons on 2.0.1 t-mobile america network. this is another thing i would like to be able to change with winterboard. if i could find which files to swap out then i could possible figure out where to place them in winterboard so we can easily change them.

    any help on either of these would be greatly appreciated
    2008-08-18 07:58 AM
  2. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    your.theme/UISounds does work, yes.

    Carrier logos I'll have to check on.

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    2008-08-22 02:24 PM