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    Sorry i mistakenly posted the theme in skinning/themes instead of in new skins/themes so here it is again. sorry mods.

    i added a fourth shelf to dark aluminum shelves originally posted by tygastyle80 at macthemes (inspired by spargett's wooden shelves)
    icons are from the realized set/thread.
    i have the auto-reflective touch dock on and replaced sbdockbg.png with a dock file from the original theme.
    also there are three lock screen backgrounds all from tygastyle80.

    hope someone else likes it and all credit to the original creator.

    download at link below when it goes live


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    2008-02-05 08:08 PM
  2. kutrackkid's Avatar
    looks great!
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    2008-02-05 09:41 PM
  3. oscar25's Avatar
    Love the look of this one. How did you get the dock icons to mirror? Is that in the icons themselves? I am using the realize icon set and wasn't sure if it was an icon thing or not. I've had mine mirror before with other themes/icons. Thanks.
    2008-02-07 05:14 AM
  4. reppin4you's Avatar
    Yeah same problem here, could u possibly post icons with reflections??

    2008-02-07 05:54 AM
  5. jxdrl's Avatar
    it is not in the icons. i am on 1.1.2 and i turned on the auto reflective dock and replaced sbdockbg.png with one in the download. instructions for the dock are here (does not work on 1.1.3 yet)
    2008-02-10 05:45 AM
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    So So SeXXy!
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    2008-02-10 05:29 PM