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  1. squeezam's Avatar
    ok, so i spent a good portion of today trying to figure out how to make my own vwallpaper fit the ipods screen size, i came close once, but i got frusterated and couldnt do it.

    so im wondering if someone could make me a eminem vwallpaper, preferably his "lose yourself" music video, or a clip from it.

    i dont know how hard it is to do, and if im asking to much, dont feel compelled to do it, but if you do, i thank you very much

    2008-08-20 06:22 AM
  2. stash459's Avatar
    here it is Eminem - Lose Yourself vWallpaper tell me if you like it!!!
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    stash459 june30 2007 iphone like $700 playboy!
    2008-10-18 11:51 PM

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