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    Hi. Got a couple of questions about how to prepare a theme and a battery indicator replacement for it being published on cydia, using the button on the left.

    Letīs start with the theme, im guessing that if i want it to be a winterboard theme, iīll have to prepare the catalouges needed, and rar the main folder. Is that it? Or do i need to prepare it more?

    Regarding the battery indicator, how do i prepare this one? Should i make it customize compatible, and in that case, what folders do i need to create inside my rar file for it to work?

    Or does a nice slave do this for me when i submit my file?

    i got an answer from a modmyi admin, the info can be found on sauriks website
    iPhone Theming on WinterBoard - Jay Freeman (saurik)

    if people actually search for it before posting like i didnt ;P
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    2008-08-20 09:24 PM
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    Yup, and .zip is better than .rar, for the record.

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    2008-08-21 01:18 AM