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    So looking back at what I did before, I didn't like that one fish was real and the other was of Nemo. So I finally found a good image of Nemo's father, Marlin, and this is what I created. Enjoy! =)

    Here's the Squirt Slider to match!

    Here's the link:

    Also I have 2 .mp3 files of Squirt saying "Sweeeet!" and "You rock dude!" as the unlocking sound. If I get enough requests, I'll post a link.

    ENJOY! =)
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    2008-08-21 03:50 AM
  2. bklynjava's Avatar
    Came out real nice... I like it!
    2008-08-21 03:58 AM
  3. Dan0609's Avatar
    Very well done. +thnx

    2008-08-21 04:08 AM
  4. johnny69blaze's Avatar
    Well done! Can't wait for the Squirt Slider!
    2008-08-21 04:34 AM
  5. Artzmaster01's Avatar
    Here ya go! =)

    Click the image to open in full size.

    Here's the link:
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    2008-08-21 10:23 AM
  6. SugarLee's Avatar
    2008-08-24 05:42 PM