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    Guys do give feedback on whether it works on your iPhone, what version is your firmware and Customize, and your longest SMS tone tested. Thanks.


    *Only tested on 1.1.1 OTB*
    *Customize v1.21 used*

    What you need:

    OpenSSH (and everything else you need for OpenSSH to work: BSD, winscp/ibrickr/fugu/cyberduck, wifi, etc.).

    Customize app.

    Any Themes (Customize) Sound Set/Pack, downloaded from Installer.
    Lets use the VideoGames Sound Set as default here, downloaded from STE source, for illustration sake.

    Quicktime or any software that can convert your file to AIFF format.

    MobileFinder app (optional), to locate, move, delete or rename your folders and files.

    Last but not least, your own SMS ringtone.

    What you do:

    Convert your mp3 SMS ringtone to AIFF format (I used Quicktime).
    Under File> Export> Export: Sound to AIFF, Use: Default Settings.

    OpenSSH the AIFF file to your VideoGames Sound Set folder.
    Folder should be under root> Library> Customize> AudioFiles> VideoGames.
    Yours might be different from mine, depending on whether you moved your media directory.

    Open Customize app on iPhone, and go to System Sounds (Should be right below Highlight Mask). Scroll down to SMS Received, you should find your new SMS ringtone there. Select it and you are good to go

    Warning: The new SMS tone will replaced the previous SMS tone you set under Settings>Sound>New Text Message. To revert, simply go to Customize> System Sounds> SMS Received> Revert to Backup.

    Also exceedingly long SMS tone is not being tested, try at your own risk.


    Many thanks to the following folks from hardwarezone forum for their help directly or indirectly:-
    miracleman, ipwnj00, siron and kevinti
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