1. bdpbawler's Avatar
    is there a way to transfer music to the iphone just like an ipod how you can just drag it into the ipod without having to sync it would be so much better than having to keep all the songs in itunes so it syncs every time because if it dont find the songs it ends up removing them from iphone which sucks plz if someone know better let me know?
    2007-08-23 04:54 AM
  2. senas8's Avatar
    This topic has been discussed in others threads. I have not found a way, nor are there any apps that can do this to my knowledge. I guess if someone writes an mp3 app ...than of course it will be possible to just drop mp3's using app already here to transfer files. You might just have to get used to iTunes for now.
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    2007-08-24 05:51 AM