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    Hey guys!!!! Lemme just first write this down...

    Apple Logo Style Battery
    Release: 8/23/08

    Anyways...sorry theres no preview before you open this topic...but I'd like to say this first of all...

    I DID NOT MAKE THESE BATTERIES!!!! I REPEAT, I DID NOT MAKE THESE BATTERIES!!!!!! I simply PORTED them for use with WinterBoard.

    Now that that's said...PREVIEWS!!!!!

    Ok, now that that's over with, I'd like you to remember...I DID NOT MAKE THESE BATTERIES JUST PORTED THEM FOR WINTERBOARD!!!! They should work, I tested it and it worked, just not with another theme on that had batteries as part of the theme

    PS-If the original author of these batteries finds this, and would like it removed, be my guest and tell the mods. I'm just posting it cuz I found these absolutely amazing!!!! Attachment is enclosed. Just extract to desktop and done. Folder that should be added to Themes folder is called Apple Logo Battery (with the spaces)
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    You, sir, have been PWNED.
    Have I helped you at all? GIVE ME SOME LOVE, sry, I mean thanks...
    And remember, wear your seatbelt, don't run with scissors, and drink milk. Have a nice day!
    Apple Style Logo Battery
    MGS "!" Alert Custom Text Sound
    Two MGS Ringtones
    2008-08-23 06:52 PM
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    Very nice, 5/5 stars

    If you liked my post, thank me!
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    2008-10-16 09:25 AM
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    looks great, thanks !
    2008-10-16 11:03 AM