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    This is not a theme, per se, but the complete collection of all icons/art from a Bold 9000, including keyboards. I think the Bold UI is pretty hot. Themers, have at it!
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    I'm so glad I don't have to meet The Internet People.
    2008-08-24 08:50 PM
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    We need a Bold theme ! PLEASE !
    2008-08-29 01:48 AM
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    You guys can't be serious. This is butt ugly.
    Come visit AlohaSoft
    2008-08-29 02:01 AM
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    We need a Bold theme ! PLEASE !

    We need a Bold theme ! PLEASE !
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    "Its better to be a pirate than join the navy"Steve Jobs
    2008-08-29 02:25 AM
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    Some of the files only need a little adjusting to become a theme, thanks. I have never made a theme but may try
    2008-08-29 06:01 PM
  6. luqven's Avatar
    i'll get right to it
    2008-09-04 12:39 AM
  7. gollyzila99's Avatar
    So I've renamed a few icons but need more. Anyone know how to make them in Photoshop with the same style?
    2008-09-04 04:18 AM
  8. KingRedmer's Avatar
    OMG, this looks so cool! Thank you! Now if there were just more icons.. Plain Jain looks ok though I guess...
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    2008-09-04 05:32 AM
  9. gollyzila99's Avatar
    Has anyone had any luck mimicking these awesome icons?
    2008-09-04 05:49 AM
  10. gollyzila99's Avatar
    so how many people are you using these icons?
    2008-09-06 05:52 PM
  11. KingRedmer's Avatar
    I'm only using the above 5 icons, AIM, mail, phone, safari and SMS. I'm using it with 5 icon dock, the blank.app to see wallpaper and the new keyboard launcher thing. Works great and looks awesome. I wish somebody would compile a full theme though.
    2008-09-06 07:52 PM
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    This should come in so handy, I've been modding the ENTIRE theme of my iphone to have a black/blackbery look, but trying to do it without using winterboard. Just changing the stock files, extracting them via iphonebrowser. I've made a few extra icons if anyones interested, there not amazing as I am new to using Photoshop CS4, but if anyone wants em I'll try and upload them later along with some screenies of my progress
    2009-03-31 04:51 PM
  13. biscuit2k4's Avatar
    Heres a few screenies, some of the icons need some work still, especially the Calender (that ones a real pain in the ***!) But at least you get the idea.
    Go easy on me I'm still a newbie, lol
    Attached Thumbnails Blackberry Bold Icons-img_0003.png   Blackberry Bold Icons-img_0005.png   Blackberry Bold Icons-img_0007.png   Blackberry Bold Icons-img_0009.png   Blackberry Bold Icons-img_0010.png   Blackberry Bold Icons-img_0011.png  
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    2009-03-31 05:03 PM
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