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    the rapidshare link is dead. Could you give another one, please
    2010-01-10 09:05 PM
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    You can do it old skool in DOS too:

    You can do it from a DOS window. Are the files all in the same folder? If
    not, you would need to do this in each folder.

    Open a cmd prompt. (Winkey+R, type CMD press <enter>).

    Navigate to the folder you have your files in:
    CD "C: \documents and settings\user name\my documents\my music" (substitute
    your login name for 'user name', and edit the path as needed)

    Type ren *.xxx *.yyy <enter> (substitue your old extension for xxx, and your
    new extension for yyy, in this case; *.MP3 *.M4R)

    That's it! Now, navigate to any other folders which need changing and do
    the same.
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    2010-01-10 11:05 PM
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