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    So i got tired of my 3g iphone got rid of it and went back to my tmobile sidekicks,and bought a itouch,what is the process of jail breaking my itouch?i will have my 16 gb one today and i want to do this asap.

    so anyone mind giving me the steps.i never did it before for a ipod touch
    2008-08-26 12:52 AM
  2. ryanalmightyy's Avatar
    same way as you do on and iphone, just make sure you download the ipod firmware not the iphone. and without the unlocking and activating and whatever else you have to do on the iphone, just jailbreaking =]
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  3. Real_Iphonecrazy's Avatar
    quickpwn's got to be the easiest way, check it's on FW2.0,2, if not update with iTunes and Quickpwn. That's if your on Windows.

    or FW2.0,1
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    2008-08-26 03:12 AM
  4. saint431's Avatar
    made a guide on the forum if u still need help
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    2008-08-27 11:35 PM