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    I've found that with a large number of apps installed (> 80), 2.0x often crashes when a new application is installed or updated, either manually, or via Cydia or Installer, getting stuck on the boot screen. Interestingly, it rarely seems to crash when adding an app through iTunes (7.7).

    When it gets stuck at the boot screen, I found that if you rename the /mobile/Applications/ folder (via SSH), the phone will finish booting properly. Then, you can name it back, resync with iTunes (without actually re-installing anything), and the phone will be back to normal (including the last new item that you installed that made it crash in the first place).

    Knowing this fix has made me more inclined to experiment, and saves a ton of time over a full restore, however, the icon order is almost completely scrambled in the process. In the old (pre- 2.x firmware) days you could just restore a backup of the com.apple.springboard.plist, respring, and that would restore the icon order, but that trick no longer works. It seems there's another place this info is cached, and when you respring, the plist is overwritten from the cache. Does anyone know how to backup and restore the icon order?
    2008-08-26 02:42 AM
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    2008-08-26 05:38 PM
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    Thanks, IMIX, but I said that's what I said tried first without success.

    Apparently, however, it does still work when done correctly, it's just much more finicky than it used to be. I found a nifty plug-in for BossPrefs that seems to work consistently though, in this thread.


    BTW, I don't agree with that thread topic name at all. I think Cydia's great!
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