1. yusa_dibrata's Avatar
    Hey guys,im having trouble with my iphone,its sucks you know!!!!,i bought it with 1.1.2OTB,i try to downgrade it into 1.0.2 it it faild coz the iphone wont respone!!!!,so i try to downgrade it into 1.1.1 and have succesfully jailbreak it,the only problem is that my bootloader is 4.6,i know it need to be downgrade so i can use anySIM v1.3,but i have try everything and it always faild,i know it need to be a hardware sollution,but guys,is there any way that i can use some god damn software to unlock the sicth!!!
    Help me will ya.......
    2008-02-12 06:16 AM
  2. Cody Overcash's Avatar
    hmm this is the ipod touch forum, dunno why you would want to use anysim on a ipod touch.

    thread closed
    2008-02-12 06:30 PM