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    I searched for this answer, but only found variations of the answer that didn't quite fit.

    Me: 2G 2.0.1 iphone using iGlassSol Theme. I also have Winterboard and Customize downloaded.

    I love the iGlassSol Theme, but I don't like the Main Slider (I.E. "Slide to Unlock" slider).

    I went into Customize and tried to apply all the other aspects of the theme except for the "System Images", but that still kept the iGlassSol slider on. I also went into Customize and tried to restore only the native main slider, but that didn't work-Customize may not be working.

    Any way to SSH into it to change only the main slider?
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    im trying to find this out too. i want to have a certain theme but want to change that theme's main slider and put something else....any help would be welcome
    2008-08-28 07:26 AM
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    I manage to find this out yesterday. Here are the steps i took to change the slider.

    1) Download any lock slider you like.

    iPhone Forums at ModMyI.com - iPhone | iPod Touch, news, apps, themes. - Downloads - Lock Screens & Sliders

    2) Create a folder. e.g: Macslider

    3) In Macslide, create another folder and name it as Folders.

    4) In the Folders, create another folder and name TelephonyUI.framework.

    So you should have MacSlide/Folders/TelephonyUI.framework.

    Then, put the downloaded sliders to the TelephonyUI.framework.

    In TelephonyUI.framework, u should have the slider png files.

    *bottombarknobgray.png is for the bottom unlock slider "slide to unlock".
    *bottombarknobred.png is for the top slider "slide to power off"

    SSH the theme to Library/ Themes/

    Select the newly created slider theme via Winterboard and respring.

    You will have your own custom slider.

    Hope this helps.

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