1. mrwooster's Avatar

    I have installed Customize and SMB... everything seems to work fine but am experiencing a couple of issues.

    1) I can't change the dock in Customize. (But it changes fine is SMB... so not to bothered about it)

    2) I can't change the carrier icon in Customize.... I am on O2-UK and whenever I try to change the carrier icon, it just stays the same... Any ideas how to fix this?

    2008-02-13 01:52 PM
  2. gunzla's Avatar
    Install an app called Make It Mine!
    Open MIM, and try typing in the letters ATT, go back to customize and try changing!
    If ATT, try T-Mobile, if no luck try typing in your carriers name!

    If that dosent work.
    Unistall Customize (leave Customize Add ons!)
    Install the customize app from www.touchrepo.com/repo.xml(make sure its the IPOD one
    Then shh into iphone and make sure the two files in Applications/Customize.app are changed:

    From: Default_Carrier_ATT.png To Default_Carrier_IPOD.png
    and FSO_Carrier_ATT.png To FSO_Carrier_IPOD.png

    Then go to System/Library/CoreServices/Springboard.app
    Do this
    From: Default_Carrier_ATT.png To Default_Carrier_IPOD.png

    Then you will have to use MIM and type in IPOD.

    This will work!
    and FSO_Carrier_ATT.png To FSO_Carrier_IPOD.png
    2008-02-17 08:16 AM