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  1. Daerid's Avatar
    Trying to find the guide for creating the .ipb files. Can someone please drop a link here for me? I cant seem to find it, Also, maybe we can place it in the guides section?

    - Daerid
    2007-08-24 04:55 PM
  2. ToxicFTW's Avatar
    Here you go, sir.


    32GB iPod Touch 2nd Gen
    2007-08-25 06:07 AM
  3. Daerid's Avatar
    Thank you, but I am looking for the guide on how to build my own .ipb for my own themes that I have made. I need to know what the structure is, and where to place all of the files for it to be successful with the IPB script.

    I am not interested in using the forum skinner.

    Thanks tho...
    2007-08-25 08:47 AM
  4. ToxicFTW's Avatar
    You can upload the icons you want to use, and put them in the order you want.

    Or you can just make a real quick one, download it, and look to see how it is setup, or download a pre-made one in the download section.

    32GB iPod Touch 2nd Gen
    2007-08-25 09:17 AM