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    Hi, Im the creator of WoodenREALIZE back in 1.1.4 and lower. If you know. In Customize, WoodenREALIZE is ranked in the top 20 full Themes with over 4700 downloads. I am glad to present WoodenREALIZE 2.0 which adds icons from the appstore. Now there are over 300 icon! Still making tho

    NOTE: 1.1.4 and lower users use customize for downloading WoodenREALIZE 1.0. This is for 2.0 users

    How the Install: SSH your iPhone (there are tutorials) the go to this directory. /private/var/stash/themes.XXXXX/ then add WoodenREALIZE 2.0 in the folder. Make sure you have WinterBoard first!

    ->->->->Download WoodenREALIZE 2.0 <-<-<-<- Sixth Version

    Here is a small preview of my iPhone!!

    Icons next post.

    NOTE: If you like request the icons you need. Just type in the name of the app. Sorry dont send images unless they are rounded icons for the iphone.

    Special Thanks to:

    The Thread "Realize icons, all I have collected" and there posters
    The Spirit
    Customize app
    And of Course Apple!

    If you want individual icons here they are!!!
    NOTE: These are NOT the whole set of icons. Just a preview of what the look like. Download the theme or the zip for all icons

    Wants more REALIZE Icons? <- the original realize set <- best forum thread for realized icons <- The Spirit's collection

    NOTE: Since I do not have all icons, You must see if the icon names are the same as the ones your your Spring board! EG Super Monkey Ball.png, should be changed to Monkey Ball.png . Because that is the springboard name.

    ->->->->Zip download of icons!<-<-<-<- Version 3 (347 items) (32 added)

    NEW! Live Digital clock on your iphone!!!! realized and reasy to go!


    Clock Here to download!

    NEW! Video Wallapaper for WoodenREALIZE. !!! Same walpaper but its snowing. Check it out!!

    ->->->->Download Video Wallpaper here!<-<-<-<-

    (use transparent dock while using video wallpaper)

    Heres a preiview without icons
    Attached Thumbnails WoodenREALIZE 2.0 offically realesed!-img_0007.png  
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    2008-08-30 02:13 PM
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    im happy, that you put a thank you in your post for my icons.
    this makes me happy and i know that you appreciate my work.

    for the pictures without round edges. feel free to post them and i will realize them too.
    i can do every picture you want ;-)
    2008-08-30 05:41 PM
  3. Ramses2's Avatar
    Very nice theme

    Many thank's

    Can you make a zip file with all your icon from appstore please

    2008-08-30 07:30 PM
  4. marc180292's Avatar
    Sure, hold on a tick

    Thanks the Spirit. I appreciate that

    WoodenREALIZE 2.0 now has over 300 icons!
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  5. marc180292's Avatar
    Check out the new video wallpaper!
    2008-09-01 12:04 PM
  6. marc180292's Avatar
    2008-09-05 07:55 AM
  7. laz305's Avatar
    awesome finally another great theme to add to Winterboard, keep them coming lol
    2008-09-11 02:39 AM
  8. marc180292's Avatar
    thanks iaz, just to say more icons comin
    2008-09-12 07:01 AM
  9. nayanashar's Avatar
    hey...ur download is showing error and i m not able to download.
    pl check.
    2008-09-12 11:03 AM
  10. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    This theme is sick! Very nice work and ^5s to all that are involved.
    2008-09-12 01:31 PM
  11. marc180292's Avatar
    @nayanashar - thx for pointing that out. Fixed now!

    @CaptianChaos - thx for your comment and thumbs up. Greatly appreciated!
    2008-09-12 01:47 PM
  12. macinthai's Avatar
    I love this theme
    great job
    2008-09-12 06:03 PM
  13. marc180292's Avatar
    thc mac
    2008-09-21 06:50 AM
  14. p4ra's Avatar
    Very nice. Currently using. But I am wondering if there is going to be some update with more icons, for example Installer, iLog?
    2008-09-22 09:46 PM
  15. The Spirit's Avatar
    look here:
    there you can get single icons.
    if the icon is not available, feel free to request it
    2008-09-23 07:07 AM
  16. marc180292's Avatar
    new update! version 5

    please if you need icons please tell me
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    2008-10-02 04:51 AM
  17. kami93's Avatar
    Hi. marc.

    I'm using Woodenrealize very well. It's nicest theme I've ever used.
    Though, I guess it's gonna be a lot better if there is an icon for in locale setting for conturies that use Celsius.

    Woodenrealize already has an icon for Fahrenheit. but not for Celsius.
    If you're okey, can you make the icon? "It's too hot if 73 degree in Celsius! isn't it?"

    P.S. I tought it would be good to give you the default icon in celsius but I coulnd't find it from folder(Could find the default icon in Fahrenheit named "icon.png"). maybe it's at somewhere else.

    Here's a screenshot of my Springboard on default theme with Celcius locale settings, instead.
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    2008-10-18 02:42 PM
  18. sp00nfedem1's Avatar
    dude its always 73* on that icon. it doesnt eveer change i dont think. sorry.
    2008-10-18 03:06 PM
  19. kami93's Avatar
    dude its always 73* on that icon. it doesnt eveer change i dont think. sorry.
    What do you mean that it doesn't ever change? it could change.

    I've done somemore research about weather icon justnow. and I got there're few icones which don't have complete image for it.

    For example, you may see the "" icon in my springboard picture. There're "18" and "토요일(means saturday)" on the icon.

    you know what? "18" and "토요일" are not on the icon image. here is the actual image of the icon.

    This means that the iPhone system adds some words on some icons.

    So I guess it is same for

    But the question is that where is the icon like for

    As I said, I was only able to find the complete image for Fahrenheit. ()

    But in my default springboard, it showes the icon for Celsius as you can see at the above.

    WTH... here is similar thread Search Weather Icon with 23 - Apple Forums | | iPhone, iPod, Mac, OS X, Mods, More
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    2008-10-18 03:34 PM
  20. panzival's Avatar
    dude its always 73* on that icon. it doesnt eveer change i dont think. sorry.
    Um, mines 23... Dunno why though.
    Attached Thumbnails WoodenREALIZE 2.0 offically realesed!-img_0001.png  
    2008-10-19 03:47 AM
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