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  1. proenca's Avatar
    Hi there,

    installed Winterboard via Cydia and few themes - play with few of them.

    So installed a couple of battery meters and all went ok.

    Now after a sync, my battery metter ( when the phone is locked ) is gone - I have a default wallpaper - I tried changing in winterboard, themes change ok, battery meter doesnt - always stuck with the wallpaper ( not batter meter at all, just the wallpaper, clock and the slider ) . I can change the wallpaper but can't get the meter back ( specially custom meters ).

    jaibroken 2.0.2 , installed customized, same thing.

    wen to /var/root/library and deleted the wallpaper - just returns to the "globe" wallpaper.

    help ?
    2008-08-30 05:16 PM
  2. SundayDuffer's Avatar
    I might be a dumb question on my end...but did you plug in the charge cable? That's the only time the battery images will show
    2008-08-30 05:18 PM
  3. proenca's Avatar
    i will politely and quickly crawl away...

    erm thanks.

    sorry just jailbroke the thing two days ago - still in the process of understanding all the bollocks
    2008-08-30 05:32 PM