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    I made the following post in the 27-page long request thread, but I also have questions concerning it:
    As far as sliders go (as per my first request), do you need to simply replace a file, or is it as complex as changing the main-background (via that software)?

    Also, do the images need to be the correct size, or are they resized when put onto the phone so as to fit correctly?

    Now for the original post, for anyone willing to take on any or all of them

    I'd like to request MegaMan X in dash position to take the place of the arrow for slide to unlock.

    A question: Do you need a seperate arrow icon for slide to unlock, slide to answer, power off, etc? Or is it recolored within the phone for each one?

    For a friend, I'd also like to request Megaman (the original) in slide position.

    I plan on making my iPhone into a SSB: Melee/Brawl theme eventually, so if someone could use this sprite sheet
    and use the Luigi in the middle of the page (doing the Luigi Missile)[not one of the ones with the 'impact' lines on it) with his head to the right as the unlock arrow, that'd be amazing for me as well. This is the primary request I'm making.

    I want something Melee/Brawl related for the 'dock' background, but I'm not sure what quite yet; if anyone has any ideas/images, I'd love to hear/see them.

    If at all possible, please email me at [email protected] if you would like to work on any of this at all.

    Thanks SO much in advance to anyone willing to help ^_^
    2007-08-25 05:43 PM