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  1. shockme17's Avatar
    I've installed the VickyVoice addon and it worked fine, but then I installed the 2001 Rainbow battery and now all of my UIsounds are not working. I've tried uninstalling VickyVoice and reinstalling, but it still doesnt work.

    I've checked the UISounds folder, and all the original sounds are still there and working if I play them through my computer..

    How can I get these working again on my phone?

    2008-09-01 08:35 PM
  2. unlockme's Avatar
    dunno if this will help but worth a try. I lost my sounds too after I winpwn'd. To fix it I just used bossprefs power function to reboot the phone. If you don't have boss Prefs then you should be able to do a hard reset by holding power and home at the same time until it reboots. This worked for me
    2008-09-01 09:37 PM
  3. solarus's Avatar
    ^^^Second that^^^...rebooting has worked for me in the past. Just had to do it yesterday.
    2008-09-03 01:29 AM