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    Alright, so this is what I have so far... This is a real screenshot.

    My only problems are the shadows under the fake text and the clock in the middle on top. I had a problem on where a strange bit of background showed up underneath the Terminal icon, but I found out that leaving the text in LocalizedApplicationNames.string fixed that. Don't know why, but yeah.

    Basically, does anyone know of a good way to make the clock more readable? I've tried filling in behind it with black but it ends up sticking out like a sore thumb.

    The shadows under the fake text are fine in my original images, but when I run it through the iPhone skinner on this site it seems to cut off a little but of the shadow. Might be a bug, I don't know.

    Also, any suggestions on the FSO graphics on the menu bar? I suck with photoshop and just fail miserably when it comes to creating stuff like that. I made the dock and the Finder icon ... everything else was screenshots. I used a screenshot on my Mac's menu bar, made it transparent and set it to luminosity blend mode ... etc.

    I don't know if it'd been discovered before, but you can make and FST_BG.png 320x20. That's how I changed the menu bar...

    Here's a link to my original thread over at MacRumors ... no one seemed to know anything there so I posted here too...

    You can find links to all of my files in that thread.
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    S - E - X - X - Y - ! - ! - !

    Can any photoshop experts provide advice on how to make a semi-transparent menubar? Like the one above but from just whatever 320x480 background image you're using for the background. I've have no idea what filters to use.

    It should be semi transparent, have a slight rounded affect (at the very least, the bottomish lines need to be a little lighter).

    Also, the background needs a shadow added to the very top of it, below the menubar. What Photoshop filters should I play with?
    2007-08-26 07:44 PM
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    could you PLEASE upload some of those .png's? i love the dock and menu bar


    ok I've added a bunch of random files from your theme but I really need one thing and it could lead to a helpful idea. Could you upload a version of the dock without the mirrored parts of those icons? Instead you could make th icons include the mirror and eveyone would have the option of usingdifferent dock icons. I would really love the leopard dock without mirrors but with the grass background and everything...let me know if this is possible
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