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    How about a black ipod? Thanks
    2009-04-20 10:40 PM
  2. khaine74's Avatar

    How about a black ipod? Thanks
    Never mind I found one..If anyone wants it
    here it is...
    Attached Images -black-ipod.png 
    2009-04-20 11:42 PM
  3. smoksucr's Avatar
    I added the iNav with your Buuf2 spin and i'm liking it so far... Thanks again for the awesom work. I want the SMS icon to open up my iRealSMS instead of the default SMS. I tried changing text.png to iRealSms.png but that didn't work. Can you help?
    2009-04-21 12:17 AM
  4. dracwy's Avatar
    Hey golum i made my own versions on Supercross (a motocross game) and Mafia Wars here they are...

    Can you make better versions of them especially a mafia looking buufed icon for all those mafia games ??
    just an alternative, may not be better version.
    Attached Images -mafia.png -supercross.png 
    2009-04-21 03:48 AM
  5. vmauricio83's Avatar

    I've just downloaded the Hysteria Project game, it's really good and I decided to make an icon for this one,I also made one for Quickoffice because I don´t like the original logo, so I'm using this one which is the Office 2007 icon, hope you like it.
    Attached Images -hysteria.png -quickoffice.png 
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    2009-04-21 04:58 AM
  6. lunercrab's Avatar
    here is my kinda take on the inav theme...the way the icons are setup you just tap the center of the screen to start the program (fyi i take no credit for any images on this theme, except the background i created for it)...what ya guys think so far?

    2009-04-21 05:18 AM
  7. khaine74's Avatar
    Cool iNav theme setup..where can I get the font for the time on your status bar?
    2009-04-21 06:59 AM
  8. lunercrab's Avatar
    Cool iNav theme setup..where can I get the font for the time on your status bar?
    the font is called abuse, it's actually the same font used on the wallpaper text. It's available on one of the font packs for fontswap on cydia
    2009-04-21 07:34 AM
  9. khaine74's Avatar
    I installed fontswap from cydia, but couldn't find the abuse font. Is there a source I have to get it from?
    2009-04-21 09:35 AM
  10. smoksucr's Avatar
    here my personal buuf phone icon


    I'd like to use this icon in my iNav/buuf theme. When I download it and drag it into inav>icons>phone.png it creates a HUGE phone icon that takes up the whole screen after re-spring. How do I resize it or get a copy I can use. It's way better than the stock red phone icon....
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    2009-04-21 09:54 AM
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    Attached Images -3.png 
    My precious....
    2009-04-21 01:01 PM
  12. m3ta1he4d's Avatar
    hey guys! how about an icon for SMSTool? thanks in advance.. \,,/
    2009-04-21 02:02 PM
  13. neilgoth1974's Avatar
    Requesting a "Nine Inch Nails: Access" icon if possible Cheers!!!
    2009-04-21 03:34 PM
  14. lunercrab's Avatar
    I installed fontswap from cydia, but couldn't find the abuse font. Is there a source I have to get it from?
    Yeah sorry. It's from the "xsellize" repo. And it's call font mega pack (there's two of these packs, can't remember which one that one is in". Just google the repo for directions on how to install on cydia. U do have to toto the website first though to get a username and password.
    2009-04-21 03:55 PM
  15. tts's Avatar


    Thanks golum, perfect!
    2009-04-21 06:47 PM
  16. khaine74's Avatar
    @ lunercrab

    Thanks for the info...
    2009-04-21 07:09 PM
  17. smoksucr's Avatar



    @ golum - This one created a normal sized icon as opposed to the larger one i'm looking for for the iNav/Buuf theme. It was worth a try, i'm sure i'm doing something wrong. I've been running your iNav/buuf theme for two days now and absolutely love it otherwise. Perfect job!

    The form attached is what i'm looking for, only the other version.....
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    2009-04-22 04:39 AM
  18. markman80's Avatar
    A few requests:

    Let's Golf
    WSJ (Wall Street Journal)
    Globe and Mail (Canadian newspaper)
    2009-04-22 05:02 AM
  19. zSnake's Avatar
    Sup guys.
    Still looking for those:
    Brothers In Arms
    Math Solver
    Moto Chaster
    Pro Wrestling [Wrestling News.]
    Rhino Ball [Bolt game.]
    Snails [I'd like if someone just recolor to yellow the iSnake icon for it.]
    TNA Wrestling & WWE Legends 2009.

    Please don't tell me that their already made,
    I went through the whole thread & pack, and
    none of them is in.
    Ty in adv.
    2009-04-22 06:03 AM
  20. dracwy's Avatar
    alternative icon for crash kart bandicoot
    Attached Images -crash-kart.png 
    2009-04-22 10:13 AM