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    Well, I have two good ideas for winterboard themes that I'm working on and since I a) have tons of uni work atm b) therefore cannot always be up2date with the latest winterboard possibilities, I thought I'd ask here.
    For the one theme which is going very well and am testing atm im using custom fonts ive added to the touch ( with help from gaurav’s rants Blog Archive [Tutorial] Adding Extra Fonts to iPhone ) and they work fine etc.. but my question is, would it somehow be possible to add the needed fonts to a winterboard theme, so the enduser would only need to apply it ? My guess is this could become possible later on, basically winterboard creating a copy of the fontcache.plist file and having the dir names sorted etc..

    second thing that im wondering is: When I change the colour of the clock font in the status bar via the main info.plist file, this colour change stays for both the black and white (referring to the normal status bar colours) bars. Where can I specify it should be colourA on black and colourB on white?
    looking forward to hear answers while I continue testing
    got some sweet themes comming soon and these changes would be pretty neat
    2008-09-02 03:45 PM