1. phatcamaro's Avatar
    I have recently upgraded to 2.0.2, and have been working on getting my iphone to look like it was back on 1.1.4. I have been able to get most of it complete dock, icons, etc. Now im working on skinning the ipod part.

    My question is are the filepaths the same as 1.1.4 when customizing, because i know that alot changed between the two firmwares and dont want to mess anything up.

    Figured it out it is the same

    Now i need to know what the filename is of the background of the ipod(the music note image). My computer wont let me view any image i take off the iphone.
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    2008-09-05 12:32 AM
  2. SundayDuffer's Avatar
    it's in....
    2008-09-05 12:40 AM
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