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    and LightsOn's icon is the same as RainbowLight. Didnt know if you realized.
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    2008-04-18 01:52 AM
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    Also, can you do a bootneuter icon? i dont have a link put when you use pwnage it installs on to the phone
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    2008-04-18 05:04 AM
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    how to install this?
    2008-04-18 09:16 AM
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    armadillo i restored my phone and for some reason my email with the link you provided when i donated has been deleted. how can i get the link back or resent. Please help.
    2008-04-18 09:43 AM
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    is there a source to download this theme set?
    i don't want to use ibrick
    2008-04-18 04:50 PM
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    chinosoflyy198: send me an email so I can look you up in the donor list. You don't expect me to give you the link in this thread, right?

    mrtkry: I replied to your PM. Aqwoah is available in the community sources. Additional themes and packages are available through a private repository.
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    2008-04-18 07:29 PM
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    is there a source to download this theme set?
    i don't want to use ibrick
    Yes, theres is a source. Check armadillo's signature for more info.
    2008-04-19 12:54 AM
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    2008-04-19 08:25 AM
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    hey army, i just found your lock screen with the turtle and installed it (without customize), the only problem is, theres still grey around the turtle and the words, how do i get rid of it?

    p.s. there is absolutely no way i will use customize till 2.0 is perfect, so please dont suggest some **** like "modded customize", it doesn't work on my ipod
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    2008-04-19 11:17 PM
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    The turtle has a transparent background and there is no grey in that image. If you are referring to the bottom bar, it will darken the water, because it is semi-transparent. You can completely remove that bar and have the turtle floating in the water if you make 100% transparent png, call it bottombarbkgndlock.png and transfer to System/Library/Frameworks/TelephonyUI.framework/



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    2008-04-20 03:21 AM
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    could i just delete that file?

    aparently, yes i can!

    now how to make the text say whee...
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    2008-04-20 06:12 AM
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    The unlock text string is in SpringBoard.strings. You need to edit that file.

    iScores (not Scores)

    This prompts me to once and for make clear that any one requesting an icon make sure that there is a link and EXACT name. So if you request an icon and I ignore the request, you know that you made a bad request. Please help me a little bit in doing this, I simply don't have the time to check all of the apps that are out there.
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    2008-04-20 06:30 AM
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    Couple of things...

    Beware of this member: http://www.modmyi.com/forums/member.php?u=214451

    He has asked me for the secret installer source and I told him to bone up and be a man and donate.

    Also... two files in the PNG's that you are using are incorrect Armadillo.

    HWinfo.png should be: HWInfo.png and iToggle.png should be Toggle.png because he changed the name with the new 1.0.7 version.


    It says iToggle when you run it but the PNG file is Toggle.png when its installed.

    Also I am noticing one other thing... sometimes when I run Summerboard to switch between your themes it causes my iPhone to reboot... it just started with the latest up dates... maybe two nights ago. Dunno whats thats about and it doesn't always do it. There is no regularity to it and it does it more when switching from a theme thats NOT yours to one that IS yours. It causes no harm and just gives me a fresh reboot.
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    2008-04-20 09:43 AM
  14. kiasunkiasi's Avatar
    Hi armadillo, appreciate if you could come up with some icons...

    As per app name suggest, it's an app to view Words and Excel files.


    2008-04-20 10:31 AM
  15. shiben589's Avatar
    hey thanks army, you know everything about iphones dont you?!

    argh where do they keep these files??!?!?!!?!

    (that wasnt a plea for help, but if someone knows what directory Spiringboard.string is under, i wont complain)

    p.s. i just found a version of customize that works! its a perfected version of modded customize (with the same name) if anyone needs it just add the source ipodtouched.net/repo.xml
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    2008-04-20 04:38 PM
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    TruckerBear: Thanks for checking the names. I'll fix them for the next update.

    kiasunkiasi: That's what I call a perfect request. Thanks a lot. I'll make them later today.
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    2008-04-20 04:53 PM
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    Whoops, springboard strings is in customize, heh heh.
    i really should learn to google things before i ask them here
    2008-04-20 06:06 PM
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    Truckerbear: Summerboard will respring when the theme you pick uses a different dock and you enable the dock in the theme.



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    2008-04-20 10:35 PM
  19. kiasunkiasi's Avatar
    Thanks, armadillo. These are wonderful icons.
    2008-04-21 12:32 AM
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    is there a source for office viewer other than iphonhe cake, its not working, could someone list one?

    2008-04-21 02:47 AM
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