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    hey, look i just feel like im bugging armadillo, and my parents seriously burned every moral they could find into me, so i feel kinda bad!

    p.s. thanks for trying to make me fell less, well, stupid (at least i think you were)...
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    2008-04-24 06:18 AM
  2. ricmoo2007's Avatar
    Thanks for a great theme, and i have donated. am loving the new Dialer and Keyboard for 1.1.4

    Could i please request a couple of icons to complete the theme for me?

    the first is Called "swapBT" and info can be found here..

    If possible can you make it similar to your WiFiSwitch Icon, But kind of BlueTooth it up a bit! i think you get what i mean!!!!!


    the second is called "ThemeBuilder" and info can be found here..


    Thanks Very Much

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    Quote found somewhere from a guy called 'Aggitated' LOL

    I REALLY wish someone would come out with an iPhone killer, not to kill the iPhone, but make Jobs really have to work for all this money we are all just throwing at him like a stripper on a pole........

    2008-04-24 12:39 PM
  3. fpt's Avatar
    Hi Armadillo,

    I'm just wondering, how come the your scientific calculator MAcal is no longer part of iPhone apps 1.1.4?
    2008-04-24 03:06 PM
  4. 77dude's Avatar
    hi armadillo,

    requesting a image for the application "Maps Offline"

    2008-04-24 07:12 PM
  5. nirav464's Avatar
    does the Aqwoah keyboard (FW 1.1.4) magnifies the keys when you hit them like the regular keyboard? Just making sure before I download it.
    2008-04-24 07:16 PM
  6. tsatryan's Avatar
    All keyboards function in the same way as the stock keyboards. So, if you are referring to the letter/number having a pop-up of the letter when you touch it, then yes, it does. This is on the alpha/numeric keyboard, not the phone keyboard.
    2008-04-24 07:32 PM
  7. armadillo's Avatar


    Maps Offline

    mickyliyu: Install "Weather Icon Fix" (available in Installer)

    fpt: MACalc is now distributed through MMi, so I took it out of the source. If you are referring to my skin of MACalc, that is now included in the MACalc application as one of the skins that you can select.
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    2008-04-26 03:10 AM
  8. falcon72's Avatar
    please armadillo can you make a White theme please.. Thanks
    2008-04-26 04:57 AM
  9. mickyliyu's Avatar
    Got it. Thanks a million. now the phone looks great. with the charger and calculator theme.
    2008-04-26 10:55 AM
  10. hamfast's Avatar
    Hello Armadillo:

    Loved the iFlight and Trism logos. When you have time there are a couple more if you please:

    Tunewiki (http://www.tunewiki.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page)
    Streetflow (http://www.appleiphoneschool.com/200...streetflow-08/)

    Can't wait to see your interpretation of these logos.


    Sorry - I see that you've already made a TuneWiki icon (sorry)
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    2008-04-26 01:32 PM
  11. djassa1's Avatar
    Hello Armadillo,

    I just donated and did not received the promised email.

    Could you please just PM it to me or send the email. I love you themes and keyboards.

    2008-04-26 03:58 PM
  12. armadillo's Avatar

    Come visit AlohaSoft
    2008-04-26 06:00 PM
  13. hamfast's Avatar
    Wow - very cool icon! <StreetFlow>

    2008-04-26 08:39 PM
  14. hamfast's Avatar
    Hi Armadillo:

    The hits keep on coming! Please make an icon for vWallpaper (http://www.modmyi.com/cmps_index.php)
    Attached Images Aqwoah-vwallpaper.png 
    2008-04-28 05:37 PM
  15. armadillo's Avatar

    Come visit AlohaSoft
    2008-04-29 04:57 AM
  16. Blackwidow74's Avatar
    hi armadillo i updated to v3 of your keyboard for 1.1.4 and i`m just realizing the notes and terminal show the stock keyboard. is this normal? thank you
    2008-04-29 02:52 PM
  17. akai's Avatar
    Doesnt do that for me Blackwidow. Try restarting phone.
    2008-04-29 04:58 PM
  18. funpak7's Avatar
    I was trying to update the aqwoah keybaord to 1.1.4 v3 and now my keybaord is all messed up the numbers dont show at all and the capital button does not show up any suggestions?????????????????
    2008-04-29 07:38 PM
  19. armadillo's Avatar
    Periodic Table


    If you are a donor, you should know what your problem is. Please read the important note regarding keyboard installation at the end of the email. If you are a donor, please contact me and I'll help you fix it. If you used the leaked source link, you're on your own.
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    2008-04-29 08:13 PM
  20. funpak7's Avatar
    I was trying to update the aqwoah keybaord to 1.1.4 v3 and now my keybaord is all messed up the numbers dont show at all and the capital button does not show up any suggestions?????????????????
    Ok this is fixed I did something wrong my bad but armidillo helped thanks many times
    2008-04-30 02:51 AM
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