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  1. armadillo's Avatar
    Here is an updated version of Aqwoah (v1.4):

    This version adds lots of extra application icons for a good SummerBoard experience:

    Aqwoah 1.2 introduced battery replacement icons:

    Aqwoah 1.3 now introduces a calculator that IMHO beats Apple's by quite a margin:

    As soon as the file is approved, you should be able to download it right here.

    You can also access all of these graphics through Installer. For details, click the link to Alohasoft in my sig below.

    Hope you like the theme.
    Attached Thumbnails Aqwoah-previewappleappshn2.jpg  
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    Come visit AlohaSoft
    2007-08-27 06:06 AM
  2. HighTymes's Avatar
    Love it man. You wouldn't happen to have installer and Launcher icon for it would you?
    2007-08-27 06:24 AM
  3. armadillo's Avatar
    I'll make them.

    Installer and Launcher icons are now included (see updated first post for schreenshot). I take requests for additional apps if you provide a link.
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    2007-08-27 06:35 AM
  4. uPhone559's Avatar
    calculator is sick! you do good work
    Hit Thanks!
    2007-08-28 12:38 AM
  5. pingwhen's Avatar
    Ty I love ur theme its not to much or to little I've had it sense 1.0

    Is there a way u can make a lights off icon or an appollo I'm icon if u can't its fine but they would be awesome
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    2007-08-28 12:47 AM
  6. armadillo's Avatar
    The requested icons will be included in the next update. But you can get them now. I edited the first post and updated the preview. I also included the pngs, so you can grab them right from there.
    2007-08-28 03:28 AM
  7. r00t4rd3d's Avatar
    That battery is KICK *** !
    2007-08-28 04:12 AM
  8. adm's Avatar
    Everything looks great, I only wonder if it possible to have the original calendar feature of showing the current date still? Does one simply need to replace the icon.png?
    2007-08-28 04:49 AM
  9. armadillo's Avatar
    Yep, the day and the date look fine on the calendar.
    2007-08-28 04:54 AM
  10. 2002ss's Avatar
    dude this is sick!

    great work.
    2007-08-28 06:45 AM
  11. arthursdomain's Avatar
    nice battery charger!
    2007-08-28 07:24 AM
  12. 2002ss's Avatar
    why do i only have 3 icons on the dock?

    i have enough programs on there.weird.
    2007-08-28 05:17 PM
  13. pingwhen's Avatar
    YOU ARE THE MAN!!!! no ifs ands or buts your the man :-D
    2007-08-29 01:48 AM
  14. armadillo's Avatar
    Here is an updated version of Aqwoah (v1.4). Check out the first post of this thread. It contains the updated previews of the new icons.
    2007-09-03 11:33 PM
  15. lifesmymachine's Avatar
    mods, please approve for download!
    2007-09-04 12:01 AM
  16. HighTymes's Avatar
    Aqwoah 1.4 is now available through installer(with my.plist). It will be in a new category(Icons Sets) made specifically for SummerBoard
    2007-09-04 01:43 AM
  17. Gazoo's Avatar

    That battery is full of awesomeness!

    I wish I has 1/100th the talent of some of you guys.
    2007-09-04 02:11 AM
  18. shizzabrick's Avatar
    SendFileByMail... it's on Installer. Should be similar to SendSongByEmail
    2007-09-04 04:52 AM
  19. armadillo's Avatar
    I know. These apps are coming quick... So here you go:

    2007-09-04 05:26 AM
  20. rexxiboy90807's Avatar
    Is it me or where is the download for the Aqwoah? Was it removed?

    Nevermind, It is an additional source. Will try it right away..

    Very nice. But now, I have all this icons that I did not install the applications. How do I get hide them? I appreciate anyones help. The RSbt app is not to happy with this because I can not move anything in the Third Party column. Help
    Last edited by rexxiboy90807; 2007-09-04 at 06:53 AM.
    2007-09-04 06:11 AM
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