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    I've had a Firefox Icon for safari for a long time now, and I used the "Rename" program to change it's label to "Firefox"

    However, at some point last night it reverted back to the iGlassSol icon for Firefox. I have replaced the icon for Safari manually in the Applications folder... and I have also modified iGlassSol in both Winterboard AND customize so that my firefox icon is listed as the one to use with mobileSafari.

    But it still stays stuck on that old iGlassSol icon! If I use Rename to change it's name back to "MobileSafari" THEN my icon works, but the text below the icon says "MobileSafari" (not even just Safari).

    Anyone have any ideas? I'm uninstalling and reinstalling Winterboard and Customize as we speak.... but I doubt that will help the issue.

    To note: When I use Categories, or Customize... in their menus Safair appears to have my icon that I want as it's display icon.

    Apparently, the new Winterboard update will not apply the icons if you change the name using Rename. After uninstalling Winterboard, and seeing that it fixed my problem... when I reinstalled Winterboard and had the same issue, I simply added a "Firefox.png" icon file to the winterboard theme I was applying, and PRESTO CHANGO.... problem solved.
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