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    Hi ,

    Can you help me pleasE?

    I've spent the last few days creating my theme. Only thing left is a sound to play when I 'slide to unlock'.

    I have a JB ipod touch 2.0 with cydia.

    I have successfuly created a 100kb .aiff sound file (using itunes). if i ssh into my ipod and rename it to .caf it successfuly becomes a .caf file. It plays in GOM PLAYER and works.

    I renamed it unlock and was wondering where to put it?

    I found 2 unlock sounds files when browsing my ipod touch files.
    there is a unlock.aif(f) file in coreservices/springboard.app

    and a unlock.caf in Audio/UISounds

    I replaced both of these . then turned sounds to 'on' in the settings on the ipod TOUCH settings menu (headphones)

    when i slide to unlock...i still get that annoying 'tock' sound and not the sound i wanted.

    After putting my sound files in.. i also used boss prefs to respring and reboot... still nothing

    any ideas??

    Thank you

    2008-09-10 12:40 AM