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    Hey, I have a jail broken iPhone 3G with 2.0.2 firmware, with Cydia and Customize 2.1 now i go into Customize 2.1 and go to the Theme Browser and I've downloaded a bunch of cool themes for my iPhone now none of them will appear on my iPhone. When i open Customize 2.1 inside i got to Custom Preferences and i go to Revert Theme and i pick one and go back and exit and restart springboard then unlock my iPhone and still nothing. Then i try and go to the Theme Browser and pick a theme go down to Apply Theme to Device then go back and still nothing. Now the question is i do have a Winter board theme all ready on my iPhone as I'm trying to do this, Is this maybe like blocking it from working or what. Please help me here I'm sick of a simple theme i got so many cool ones off of Customize 2.1.

    Edit: Ok I just went into Winterboard and turned everything off to see if maybe that would work, so i went into Customize picked a theme again, reverted it and everything exited and restarted springboard still nothing.

    Thank You,

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    Customize 2.1 is way buggy it doesn't dl just stick to Winterboard themes like I do till they fix it.
    2008-09-11 02:36 AM
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    Ok, Will They Tell Us When It Is Fixed Or Something, Is It Suppose To Be Fixed Soon?

    Hey Can Anyone Help Me Here, I Really Want To Use These Themes From Customize But When I Apply Them Nothing Happens... Do I Exit And Restart Springboard, Does Customize Even Work With iPhone 3G/Cydia. Please Someone Help!

    Thank You,

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