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    I have seen several threads about people want to either change the color or type of font.

    So here we go.

    First changing the type of font can be tricky since all fonts on the iphone are its own special type.

    If you do a search you will find several (I am using "Kristen").

    this is also a good source of fonts.
    gaurav’s rants

    before you change any font please make a backup.

    changing the font consist of replacing the stock fonts "Helvetica & HelveticaBold" with a new one. This is the only font you will be changing. Once this done your system font will now be changed.

    They are located at: /System/Library/Fonts/Cache

    this is my info.plist

    you place your plist here: /Library/Themes/(your theme name)/

    Their are 5 areas that you can change.
    UndockedIconLabelStyle - All the icon text not on the dock.
    DockedIconLabelStyle - the icon text that are on the dock.
    CalendarIconDateStyle - The name of the day on the calendar icon.
    CalendarIconDayStyle - The number of the day on the calendar icon.
    TimeStyle - The time on the header bar.

    You can change the font, font size and color.

    where it says font-family is where you change the type of font used. I am using a custom "Helvetica", you can also use any font that is in this folder: /System/Library/Fonts/Cache

    I have not change the UndockedIconLabelStyle or DockedIconLabelStyle fonts because I have them set to transparent.

    font-size is pretty self-explainaing.

    to change the color you simply write in a new color name. You can use this site for examples: HTML Color Names

    you can edit the plist with the textedit app that comes with the mac (that is what I do).

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    great guide!
    2008-09-12 06:20 PM
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    ok what did I do wrong cuz my fonts are not located at: /System/Library/Fonts/Cache
    I moved them with BossTool btw
    2009-02-11 06:54 AM
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    this worked great thanks
    2009-03-02 10:46 AM
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    Anyone know what the default font size for CalendarIconDayStyle is? Im being forced to use 9px but I want to use 10 px to make it readable. It ends up wrapping down on long day names like Wednesday. This is the relevant porition of the plist Im using. I just want it to be plain white, and Ive been editing a plist from a different theme. Maybe some other change can help?

    13px;width:51px;color:;font-weight: normal #fff;font-size: 9px;padding: 
    18px 0 0 ;border-top: 2px groove #555;text-align:center;border-top: 9px 
    groove #555; color: white;</string>
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    So how would I change the font color of my notes app.
    2009-03-19 08:28 PM
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    My only question is: "Who is the babe in your background!"


    Nice info, by the way!
    2009-03-24 01:48 AM