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    this file isnt edited or modified

    if i place this file on the phone .. if i press 1 2 or 3 or any other #'s i dont see it on the top

    and when i press 1 2 or 3 i dont see the background..

    like when u press the #'s on original u see the blue background

    but main thing is i dont see #'s on the very top because i dont no how to

    can someone please edit this pic to make it work ?

    i just dont no how to use photoshop..please

    the file is 480 x 868 which is correct.. it just needs to be transparent i guess so i can see the #'s i dial on the very top and if also possible to see a all black back ground when i press the button.. so if i press 1 i wont see one anymore as long as its pressed it will be all black


    attached is a png image that is what i want to look like and attached the zip file that has the barDial_Sel file that needs to be edited...i dont no if i need other files to be edited.. if so please tell me


    and is there anyway to change the very top of the image ? the part where u see the signal bars at&t logo wifi time and battery... the background is grey/white color can u make it black ? not the bars and at&t logos and the batery.. but the background of it ? if so can u tell me which file needs to be edited ? or if possible upload that file ?

    Attached Thumbnails Please can some one edit this image so it works on the iphone-defaultdialer.png  
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    pls ??
    2007-09-02 06:23 PM