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  1. SubZ3r0's Avatar
    hey...i waz just wondering how to change the actualy background in the sms page...i got the Default_smsanwser.png thing edited..but it only is the loading portion...after u load a chat goes bak to the normal background color....

    any ideas on how to fix that? i can have a diff background..?....

    also edited the default.png..and that didnt work..and i didnt restart the phone either...didnt have to for sms editing. *yet*
    2007-08-30 10:34 PM
  2. EmoRebellion's Avatar
    default.png is just the image it shows wile the app is loading, try editing MessageEntryBG.png.
    2007-08-31 12:27 AM
  3. Jasper44's Avatar
    As of now there isn't a known way of changing the background color behind the sms bubbles.
    2007-08-31 07:00 AM