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    Here is a template for MiVtones..

    How to:

    Download attaced file.

    Un-zip and store somewhere you can keep it permanently (LOL and find too)

    Open Video Converter

    Open ANY video file ( it doesn’t matter which one, you just need a file open)

    At the top of the window go to “Edit

    Next go to “Profiles

    Next to “Save As” there is a Icon that looks like a Gear Click on that.

    Then "Import"

    Browse to the folder you unzipped the template to ( It’s called: E-Dragons_MiVTones.xml )

    Import it!

    Use that Profile when you are converting a video. Making sure before you do, that you have the 320X480 selected in the “Settings” sub-menu (there are only two setting’s in there 320*480 & 480*320)

    IF the converted video is to wide you’ll have to crop it or you will end up with one that looks “letter boxed” (black bars on the top and bottom)..

    Hope this helps out....
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