1. tommyd75's Avatar
    I love your theme, is there anyway you could post or tell me where to get the icons only without the beach background?
    I just want the sun, moon, clouds,rain,,,,
    2008-10-14 07:28 AM
  2. Doreen's Avatar
    Here you go tommy just ignore the .wpa files I didn't have time to clean it out...

    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    btw for the few of you interested I've updated the Beach Theme w/ the (7) animated icons so you will only spot them when you have Sunny, Partly Cloudy Day, Cloudy Day, Clear Night, Partly Cloudy Night, Cloudy Night, Foggy Night if you don't see those weather instances you won't spot the animations since I've not completed the other occurrences yet okay. I will try to jump back on it when time permits but I've stalled a bit on this (sorry) anyways the animated Beach file is located at: http://www.teknidermy.com (when and if I get around to completely animating all the icons I'll see about Cydia okay)
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    2008-10-15 01:20 AM
  3. tommyd75's Avatar
    Here you go tommy just ignore the .wpa files I didn't have time to clean it out...

    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
    I'm going to use them for a theme without a background, that way I can it the image on top of a wallpaper of my choice.
    2008-10-16 04:09 AM
  4. quakerroatmeal's Avatar
    My weather shows No Response going through my edge, when I had it on wifi it updated fine. Is there anyway I can refresh so it can try to re-update and load the weather?
    2008-10-17 10:29 AM
  5. Zehlek's Avatar
    Thanks for the theme. Is there anyway to put in the sixday forcast
    2008-10-17 04:38 PM
  6. Doreen's Avatar
    quaker sometimes this widget seems to need a quick reset to get it going again.

    Zehlek nope sorry I'm most likely not really going to focus on anything else cept trying to fully animate my beach theme. (sorry)
    2008-10-19 09:30 PM
  7. Zehlek's Avatar
    For some reason it isn't changing to night from day. Anything I am doing wrong? For Bliss and Beach
    2008-12-18 03:59 AM
  8. viperrepiv's Avatar
    I need a bit of help with this, and I figured that I would just post it here instead of making a new thread....

    I set the basic weather widget on my homescreen to update every 30 minutes. But for some reason, it doesn't seem update very frequently...like once every few hours maybe. Does the programming treat 30 minutes in real time, or 30 minutes that the iphone is in use (i.e. with the screen unlocked)? I don't use the phone all that much while I am working, but I would like the weather to be updated when I unlock the device and go to the homescreen......any ideas?

    2009-02-17 10:24 PM
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