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    Hi guys, i know this is kind of a noob question but, ive already installed open ssh on my iphone 2g running 2.1, i downloaded 17 pictures on my computer for a battery theme, but so now i access my phone through winscp... where to i place the 17 pictures? also after i do that how do i access or apply it on my phone? i have cydia and also installer4 beta

    could someone please help me?
    2008-09-23 09:02 PM
  2. evolutionarymc's Avatar
    You can place them here for permanent use....

    To add them for use with winterboard I suggest first downloading a battery theme from cydia so a folder is present. That folder will show you the format of which to place the battery for use with winterboard. That file would go here.....


    hope this helps. Good luck!
    I would have my URL here so you could hear our music but apparently that's sig spam. WTF?
    2008-09-23 09:09 PM