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    This is my first go at making a slider, actually my first go at making anything.
    Enjoy you hardcore alcoholics.

    Download Bud Light Sliders

    Ummm, what the hell just happened?
    I posted this about an hour ago, I happened to look at my phone and noticed the beer can slider had a tint of green towards the top, which wasn't there before. So I was like okay big deal I'll just delete the system file and load it back up in SSH. I go into My Pictures and every single image of the beer can has the same green shade, I saved like 5 different ones, and even the original JPG picture un-cropped and everything has the green tint! WHAT THE?? So then I came back on here because I know I uploaded the picture to imageshack when it was correctly colored and even that has a green tint! I seriously don't know what's going on.

    EDIT AGAIN: Okay so I went to the actual place where I found the image, on flickr, and even that has that burnt shade of green it it. Can somebody please tell me what the **** is going on.
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