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    Hi i using the weatherwidget along with some themes and it works great..
    then i saw the clock widget around and i dl it but they both use wallpaper.html....

    im not familiar with html code so is it possible to have both of them working at the same time with a wallpaper background also?......

    i was reading the weather widget thread and i see some post using it with the time of day theme .......

    if its possible i was thinking i would have to move my wallpaper into the private folder like in the time of day theme for it to load but like i said im not familiar with html code....so can anyone help me or let me know if its possible

    here are the two wallpaper.html from the weather and clock so if someone can combine them for me so they can work i would appreciate it...thank you

    Edit: thank you ...i have it working now
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