1. ace9assassin's Avatar
    ive tried almost everything and spent hours on tons of different sites and i already read on ziphone that it bricked one persons ipod so im not taking that risk. please someone let me know when 1.1.4 for a 16GB ipod touch can be either jailbroken or even downgraded because ive tried both. ive even restored my ipod twice now but it keeps installing 1.1.4. plese let me know as soon as possibe.
    2008-02-28 09:49 PM
  2. .:MirrorminD:.'s Avatar
    Well what you really want is a 1.1.3 jailbreaked ipod since there really isnt much out there yet for 1.1.4.

    Start by going here
    This is where you can get copies of all the different firmwares. Then you need to get the ipod back to 1.1.1 which you can do by following this guide, and it will get you all the way back to 1.1.3 jailbreaked.

    GUIDE: here
    2008-02-28 09:54 PM