1. ebl4287's Avatar
    check out my status
    2009-02-08 04:13 AM
  2. mashimarowu's Avatar
    check out my status
    what status?
    2009-02-08 04:18 AM
  3. Blik's Avatar
    means he is online and working on it
    2009-02-08 04:35 AM
  4. rockets4champs's Avatar
    ooooohhh k got ya
    2009-02-08 04:53 AM
  5. blkmini's Avatar
    looks like a very nice theme, i am looking forward to using it
    2009-02-08 05:29 AM
  6. vgd1's Avatar
    when oh when will this finally be available?!?!?!?! keep up the great work ebl!
    2009-06-12 04:19 PM
  7. angelo77's Avatar
    can i put my family's pics in slideshow and how can i go about that THANK YOU !
    2009-07-13 10:34 PM
  8. notjoemama's Avatar
    Nice theme
    2009-07-14 07:20 AM
  9. stickman1000000's Avatar
    has it been released yet?
    2009-07-15 01:28 PM
  10. milesneptune's Avatar
    when will it be released?
    2009-07-22 12:12 AM
  11. carloqt's Avatar
    very excited to try this one out good job there mate
    2009-09-12 03:59 AM
  12. xrisis's Avatar
    very nice theme looking forward to use it!
    Iphone?? Hmmm..more like MyPhone
    2009-10-05 05:01 PM
  13. laz305's Avatar
    are you serious this theme is 1yr in the making? it better have all icons then lol
    2009-10-07 09:18 PM
  14. zinjen's Avatar
    this was released a long time ago, keep up with the thread peeps.
    Don't forget to hit the thanks button if you liked what I said or did
    2009-10-07 09:49 PM
  15. zinjen's Avatar
    See my attached, it's my variation of EBL's theme.
    Attached Thumbnails Windows Per7ection-photo.jpg  
    Don't forget to hit the thanks button if you liked what I said or did
    2009-10-07 09:50 PM
  16. 9fenix9's Avatar
    Greetings all
    I'm having problems finding this theme in cydia and icy....I have the modmyi source in both cydia and icy and I can find the old vista and vista ultimate perfection but I'm not finding windows per7ection....please tell me how do I install this theme on my iPhone 2G on fw 2.2.1
    2009-11-15 01:19 AM
  17. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Search foR this theme is old. Try this one by the same author

    2009-11-15 01:32 AM
  18. WerehogHK's Avatar
    My weather icon looks different
    2010-02-17 02:45 AM
  19. hamzahawatma's Avatar
    thank u alot alot
    2010-06-02 01:40 AM
  20. net.silb's Avatar
    My ipod is going into safe mode all the time
    2010-06-23 12:34 PM
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