1. gabsiphone's Avatar
    ive been moding my phone and i preaty much know what it doing. but my friend ant friends wit compurers at all, so he asked me to do it. his computer is old and we had problems, so i started puting rings on wit my comp and that worked fine, but when i started doing other stuff my comp crashed and we had to restore his phone.(we treid it 3 more times, and same result)

    can sumone tell me why this is happening and what i shouldd doo??
    2007-09-05 06:38 AM
  2. CyberGreg's Avatar
    In order for people to help, try and provide as much info as you can. Like computer OS and version, what software do you use to install ringtones, etc.

    If you haven't updated your software in like a couple weeks you can almost be certain there are newer (and sometimes better) applications.

    My recommendations are:
    Windows - iBrickr
    Mac - Breezy

    But there are a ton of other options and ways of getting files onto your iPhone.
    2007-09-05 07:36 AM
  3. gabsiphone's Avatar
    thks i think the problem was that i still use jaile break.
    2007-09-05 08:06 AM