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    Hi, my first post here so hopefully I don't sounds as stupid as I feel, but I uninstalled Categories (want to use MobileStack instead) and didn't delete the created categories first. Once I uninstalled Categories the categories remained but in Cydia, Categories didn't show up as a package. I reinstalled Categories and it still didn't show up.

    Anyone know how I can remove Categories and all its associations from my iPhone? Thank you.

    Nevermind, fixed it.
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    2008-11-14 07:54 PM
  2. cpharada's Avatar
    How'd you do it? I made the same error.
    2009-01-02 03:56 PM
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    If you reinstalled categories, and cannot see its icon, use Poof or hide/Show icons in SB Settings. You may have to toggle the on/off selector. Then go into Categories and remove all the apps from the folders. Then go back into Cydia. navigate to Manage and uninstall Categories again.
    2009-01-02 04:45 PM

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