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    I'm sorry I don't know the technical name for the bar in safari but I mean that blue bar which has the refresh button on it and stuff. I made a theme that changes all the top bars with a brushed red and black bar which I want to get published in Cydia but for some weird reason the safari one will not change, I found the topshine file and changed that so about 1/3 of the safari bar is changed but I have no idea which other ones I need to change so if someone could just tell me which ones to change I would really appreciate it.

    Heres a pic of what I'm talking about
    MobileMe Gallery

    Whoops just realized I put this in the wrong section, I ment to click the one below this but clicked this one instead.
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    2008-11-16 05:40 PM
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    Grey one with the search and URL on it is called GradientFill.png it goes in UIImages. It stretches when you click to type something in the URL box.
    2008-12-29 01:21 AM
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    Nope, didn't work however one of the things I have noticed is that it isn't just one picture that changes that part of the safari bar and this chance hasn't effected anything do maybe you got one small part of the puzzle.
    2008-12-30 11:23 PM
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    Well maybe you're doing something wrong, as It's only,

    TopShine.png (Where the page name is just under the nav bar at the top)
    GradientFill.png (where the URL/Search bar are)
    UIButtonBarDefaultBackground.png (bottom bar)
    UIButtonBarDefaultBackgroundSmall.png (Bottom Bar in landscape mode)

    they go in YourThemeFolder\UIImages\

    For the URL bar its


    which all go in YourThemeFolder\Folders\\

    for the tab background (when you flick through open tabs) its


    they also go in YourThemeFolder\Folders\\
    2009-01-05 02:24 PM
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    Krato-I have made my own theme. I have all the png file names, but I don't know what most of them change on the phone. Do you have a link that tells you everything? Thank you.

    Nvm. I found them.
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    2009-10-22 06:02 AM

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