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    I recently tried to jailbreak my 8gig iPod tuch using ZiPhone. the program instructed me to stop the process after a few seconds if its not done.

    So after it should have been done i stopped it and tried to start over. when i pressed the "stop" button my ipod disconnected from iTunes and shut down.

    now when i start the ipod up i see it running through pages of code, like when old DOS computers started up. Anyway the code stops and it displays and error-like message. it will NOT finish starting up and i cannot make it connect to iTunes, the fact that it will not finish starting up and hence will not communicate with my computer, renders most of the fixes mentioned on this site usless because they all require iTunes-iPod communication. I would really appreciate some help with this issue, you can post on this thread or you can e-mail me at "[email protected]"
    thank you
    2008-11-16 08:43 PM
  2. flattop95's Avatar
    I'm guessing you are on 1.1.5 from your profile.

    All you have to do is plug it in, and hold down the home and power buttons until you see the itunes logo, then iTunes will ask you to restore.
    Restore and you will be back to normal.
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    2008-11-16 08:46 PM
  3. zachdaniels's Avatar
    Hey, thanks alot.
    I was getting scared there for a second.
    2008-11-16 10:58 PM
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    Even better is DFU mode.
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    2008-11-17 06:25 PM

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